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Your production 3D printing!

3D printing for small and medium production runs

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Manufacturing prototypes in 3D

A 3D prototype to boost your innovations and your business

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Rapid prototyping

Techniques suited to rapid prototyping

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3D printing for aeronautics!

Professional 3D printing is extending its reach into the aeronautics and aerospace industries. It interests the major aircraft engine manufacturers as well as satellite and aircraft designers. In these fields, it is synonymous with innovation and competitiveness. Initially dedicated to prototypes and design, 3D printing has been adopted to produce ready-to-use finished parts. Aeronautical engineers now trust this technology for prototyping, tooling and manufacturing parts.


3D printing, ideal solution for robotics!

Robots with human appearance, able to move their limbs, with the ability to grasp, could be an outcome of 3D printing. Without going that far, professional 3D printing is used to produce prototypes, jigs, model tools and even tooling for industrial or service robotics. The multi-functionality, precision and reliability of 3D printers make this technology particularly suited to start-ups and businesses in the robotics sector. In a few hours or 2 to 3 days, you obtain extremely detailed master tools with smooth surfaces.


3D printing serving medicine

With biocompatible materials, doctors, researchers and equipment manufacturers obtain accurate surgical guides, prototypes essential for experiments or treatment. Medical 3D printing also allows customised surgical fastenings, prostheses or orthoses to be created.

Prototyping and 3D printing your ideas!

With 3D printing, turn your ideas into objects!

Professional 3D printing is a formidable means of taking your projects forwards and stimulating your creativity. Mastered by Atlantic 3D, this technology is used to produce complex objects in a few hours, from different materials and in different colours. Your digital files are transformed into real models. Your ideas or creations become perfectly realistic 3D models, ready to be used! Design, prototyping, functional or assembly tests saving time and enhancing quality.

Prototyping your creations

With 3D printing, or rapid prototyping, go from image to reality! Atlantic 3D puts an object at reduced or actual size into your hands, matching your drawings perfectly. Your file is processed by 3D specialists, using very high level, professional software and printers. The machining process is being completely renewed by 3D printing technologies. Perfectly functional prototypes are obtained within ever shorter lead times, while making savings. Engineers from industry and aeronautics can use them to test form, assembly and function. Drawing office managers and designers can show it to your customers and partners.

A new dimension for research and development

Atlantic 3D produces single parts or small parts or small-scale production, in the shortest lead times and at very competitive prices. A full range of composite materials meets the needs of different sectors and activities. Rigid, biocompatible, transparent, flexible, etc.; everything is possible. Development cycle time is reduced. Large groups and SMEs or drawing offices can benefit from it. With rapid prototyping, engineering gains in efficiency and reliability. Designers and architects, but also dental surgeries and technicians, have access to durable, stable and customised parts.