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Achievements that lead to new economic and commercial successes

Technological and industrial revolution, 3D printing shortens design cycles, liberates creativity and offers multiple routes for innovation. FDM and PolyJet technologies meet all the needs of prototyping, modelling, mock-ups and manufacturing in very varied sectors. To make engines more efficient and more economical, to put lighter and more comfortable sports shoes on the market, to improve or simplify orthopaedic treatments, and more, 3D printing continues to astonish.

Satisfaction of users

Statements from designers, engineers, architects, industrial companies and doctors confirm the benefits of professional 3D printing. At all stages of product development, this technology is an outstanding performance tool.

Examples in all fields

Recognised as a sector of excellence, a ‘booster’ for competitiveness, professional 3D printing abounds with astonishing examples but also objects of more modest appearance. From items intended to equip satellites to custom electronics boxes, everything is possible!

Find out a few case studies or some examples in our portfolio.

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