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Professional quality 3D printing

All activities affected by 3D!

No more lost time, no more difficulties visualising or interpreting something! Professional 3D printing helps you to understand your projects or ensure they are understood. It enhances and your ideas and takes them forward. It stimulates your creativity. It opens you to new horizons. It initiates a new way of manufacturing in very varied sectors. It is a performance driver and a factor in competitiveness that contributes to your development.

Performances ready to serve!

By making 3D printing accessible, Atlantic 3D is aimed at industrial groups as well as SMEs, architects or designers. It brings solutions in research, design and manufacturing phases, for BtoB and BtoC sectors. It can be used to obtain very complex prototypes or mock-ups rapidly, such as 100% customised objects intended directly for the market.
The sectors that have already integrated CAD extensively into their activities are the first to benefit from the advantages of professional 3D printing. Sectors such as orthodontics, more rarely using Computer-Assisted Design, are benefitting directly from 3D technology.

From child’s toy to orbital station engine

Architects’ mock-ups, extremely precise moulds, dental appliances, prostheses, concept modelling, prototype, unique parts, etc., possibilities limited only by your imagination. As soon as it is necessary to manufacture innovative objects, perform tests using models matching reality or design unique products, professional  3D printing offers a rapid solution. It provides answers to questions raised in terms of assembly, appearance and function. Everything is possible for industry, design, automobile, medical, architecture, aeronautics, robotics, electronics, household appliances, etc.