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3D printing for aeronautics!

3D printing takes off in aeronautics!

Professional 3D printing is extending its reach into the aeronautics and aerospace industries. It interests the major aircraft engine manufacturers as well as satellite and aircraft designers. In these fields, it is synonymous with innovation and competitiveness. Initially dedicated to prototypes and design, 3D printing has been adopted to produce ready-to-use finished parts. Aeronautical engineers now trust this technology for prototyping, tooling and manufacturing parts.

A star technology to innovate and optimise resources

Symbolising advances in 3D printing, NASA engineers include 3D printed parts in space vehicles. Giants of aeronautics, such as the EADS, Boeing or Airbus groups, have also used 3D printing applications. They are becoming essential for innovating more rapidly, carrying out more thorough and rigorous tests, optimising manufacturing, while also reducing costs. In most cases, it contributes to obtaining lighter parts than with conventional methods; a major issue in aeronautics and aerospace applications.

Still further in precision and robustness

Technology understood by Atlantic 3D, fused deposition modelling (FDM) uses high performance thermoplastics that make it possible to produce jigs, fastenings and final parts for aircraft. This method uses suitable materials, lighter and appropriately durable for foolproof parts.

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