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3D printing, ideal solution for robotics!

3D printing equips robotics with tools!

Robots with human appearance, able to move their limbs, with the ability to grasp, could be an outcome of 3D printing. Without going that far, professional 3D printing is used to produce prototypes, jigs, model tools and even tooling for industrial or service robotics. The multi-functionality, precision and reliability of 3D printers make this technology particularly suited to start-ups and businesses in the robotics sector. In a few hours or 2 to 3 days, you obtain extremely detailed master tools with smooth surfaces.

Optimise the production of your robots

3D printing and rapid prototyping offer robotics professionals the possibility of making customised prototypes and mock-ups. With Atlantic 3D, you fabricate functional technical parts directly, having mechanical and thermal resistance similar to those obtained by conventional injection or machining. ‘High performance’ thermoplastics are used to obtain immediately operational production tools, intended to manufacturing, handling or machining. The potential for optimising robots is greatly increased. An ideal solution for responding rapidly, reducing the costs and risks associated with production.

Taking robotics into a new dimension

The range of polymers makes it possible to print parts combining the properties of different materials in a single operation. The astonishing capability combines geometric complexity, rigidity and flexibility. In this way, hollow or curves parts, able to house sensors and engineering, responding to different technical constraints, can be obtained to meet all your expectations. Whether you require customised parts to be combined with different electronic devices, items dedicated to manufacturing or handling, everything is possible in a very short time span, with a minimum of intermediaries.

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