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3D printing serving medicine

Vital for the medical sector!

With biocompatible materials, doctors, researchers and equipment manufacturers obtain accurate surgical guides, prototypes essential for experiments or treatment. Medical 3D printing also allows customised surgical fastenings, prostheses or orthoses to be created.

3D printing that moves medicine forward

The digital materials used by Atlantic 3D reproduce a wide range of textures, more or less transparent, rigid, soft or flexible. In the context of medical research, experimentation and tests, materials and technology are used to obtain anatomical models and extremely precise prototypes of medical devices. This makes it possible to work more quickly, on models achieving a previously-unseen level of customisation.

Unique medical ‘objects’, without a mould and customised

Fused Deposition Modelling (or FDM) works with production materials, including high performance thermoplastics. It is used to make solid tools, fastening perfectly adapted to the patient, orthoses, prostheses, etc.
In the context of orthopaedic parts, professional 3D printing ensures patients of any age receive prostheses and orthoses perfectly adapted to their anatomy, to the nearest millimetre. It uses materials that reduce weight without restricting the resistance and durability of the part. The technology enables creation of small complex parts, capable of reproducing joints or creating an exoskeleton. Substantial progress for healthcare!

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