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3D prototyping serving industry

Between 3D printing and industrial prototyping, it works!

In industrial sectors, technologies likely to reduce costs while improving production are welcome. Professional 3D printing is part of it! The automobile, aeronautics and defence industries, among others, are convinced by its performance. 3D printing, operating on the principle of additive manufacturing, can be used to make product and part prototypes, but also moulds, production tools, model tools, jigs and even small volume tooling. If necessary, you can also obtain a spare part in an emergency, essential for ensuring the continuity of a production line.

Great flexibility of use

Industrial prototyping offers infinite manufacturing possibilities. The technology suits the most complex applications and the most convoluted geometries. In particular, 3D printing can be used to generate hollows and cavities (to integrate electronics, fluid, air, insulation, etc.), hard to create using conventional methods. It is even possible to make use of soluble FDM cores to make hollow composite parts. There are significant savings to be made in terms of time and budget!

Prototypes to make your business secure

Industrial prototyping using 3D printing enables prototypes to be created with the same materials as those used for the final product. Atlantic 3D printers make use of production thermoplastics, including high performance technical thermoplastics. These materials, combined with cutting-edge technology, produce prototypes with precise details and smooth surfaces, as soon as they leave the manufacturing compartment. In every sector, everything comes together to seize the best opportunities, respond rapidly and reduce risks during production.

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