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Final parts

Rapid manufacturing accelerates your business

Depending on the parts made, 3D printing is equivalent to direct digital manufacturing, in other words production without tools. Fused deposition modelling technology, with production thermoplastics, can be used to print single parts or small production runs, intended for sale or immediate use. Without requiring tools, production can also be performed without stock, since you just need a digital file accessible from the keyboard.

Great production flexibility

Atlantic 3D produces durable, stable and reproducible parts. With a degree of precision that challenges injection moulding and a broad range of real thermoplastic materials, you can produce small volumes of final 100%-customised parts and factory automation parts.

Directly from production to use

The final parts meet the demands of designers, marketing and/or industrial engineers. They are intended for sale or installation in an existing system. They can take the form of handles, electrical casings, joint, motor components, etc. They may be products for the general public, consumer goods, medical or paramedical equipment, and dental or auditory appliances.

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