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Finishing applications for outstanding realism

3D printing is combined with simple post-treatments to produce prototypes equalling those obtained by injection moulding, to refine advanced tooling systems and to manufacture durable and aesthetically-pleasing customised parts. Sealing, polishing and painting infinitely extends the possibilities developed by 3D printing.

Finishes possible on all parts

Models printed in 3D using PolyJet technology (resin-based) offer a smooth surface and accurate details as soon as they leave the printer. From then on, it is possible to apply acrylic paints or lacquers and chromium plating.
Fused Deposition Modelling (FDM) technology prints models with production thermoplastics that can be rubbed down, drilled, glued and painted like any plastic part. Smoothing is effortless.

Farther and farther

As for manufacturing, finishing treatments for 3D printing save time and increase the realism of parts:

  • Combining and gluing: welding and adhesive are used to create larger parts than those possible using the manufacturing platform and to combine printed parts with other components.
  • Chromium plating: deposition of a fine coating of metal on the surface of a printed part. Provides a hard surface.
  • Vibro-abrasion: improves the finish of the surface of parts modelled by fused deposition modelling. Eliminates traces of layers, producing a glossy shine.
  • Paint: brings out the attractiveness and aesthetic appearance of parts presented.
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