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Manufacturing prototypes in 3D

A 3D prototype to boost your innovations and your business

Manufacturing a prototype using 3D printing means thinking, acting and producing as quickly as possible. That means innovating, testing and finalising a product as efficiently and economically as possible. For high-tech parts such as for high volume consumer parts, the 3D prototype perfects your design, aids discussion of your ideas and enhances your presentations. With its range of large-format machines, available to everyone, Atlantic 3D optimises development costs – so influential on the total costs of a product – supports your competitiveness and allows you to remain proactive.

One simple process, high technology printers

From your CAD files, based on the needs expressed, Atlantic 3D defines 3D printing technology and the most appropriate materials. In a few hours, your professional prototypes are obtained by 3D printing, simply, rapidly and at an attractive price. The available palette of colours and materials makes it possible to obtain a prototype identical to the finished product.
In summary, you transfer your file securely. Atlantic 3D manages and controls 3D printing; your prototype is delivered in the shortest lead time. Rapid turn-around that makes the difference in decision phases!

It’s up to you to imagine how you are going to profit from it

To combine attractive design, fine details, strength and blends of materials, the prototypes obtained by 3D printing are incomparable. For electronic components and household appliances, they make it possible to produce finely-detailed models with cavities to accept and protect components. For sports equipment with ergonomic devices, they combine variously rigid or flexible materials, enabling the pliability, grip and flexibility of a part to be confirmed. The performance of 3D printing represents substantial opportunities in all sectors.

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