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Our 3D printing and prototyping applications

Professional systems to meet your needs

To provide a high quality 3D printing service, Atlantic 3D operates a range of cutting-edge machines that cover 2 modelling systems:
• The company uses a large-scale fused deposition modelling (FDM) system. It provides accurate and cost-effective printing. It builds durable and repeatable parts. It can make solid parts with volumes up to 914 x 914 x 610 mm. It is suitable for constructing fastenings, factory tools and final parts, as well as the most demanding 3D prototyping.
PolyJet 3D printing technology enables high precision prototypes to be created in a wide range of materials. It is very flexible and makes it possible to incorporate several colours and materials into a single model. It offers a directly realistic surface finish. Precision at any level!

A rapid and efficient prototyping service

Professional 3D printing is an economic and effective solution for producing prototype parts, large-size functional parts in multiple colours with selected materials or parts in small-scale production runs. Parts are made and delivered in short lead times. 3D prototyping makes it possible to achieve what required several weeks using conventional methods, in just a few days.

The 3D response for varied applications

Atlantic 3D masters professional 3D prototyping and printing for different applications, meeting various needs:

  • Manufacturing a 3D prototype to make the most of your ideas and ensure a successful presentation
  • Rapid prototyping to prove a concept or validate functionalities and improve production
  • Industrial prototyping to adapt or improve a process
  • Finish
  • Optimisation of production capacities
  • Manufacturing of small production runs of 10 to 100 parts.