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Technology that revolutionises your business

3D printers used at Atlantic 3D have been specially selected to help you develop and manufacture your products. They offer the best compromise between cost, speed of execution, performance and precision. They design parts of differing shapes and sizes, in a great many materials. You have the solution to optimise prototyping or production!

Precision 3D printer, in multiple materials

The Connex 3 Object 500 gives the best results in terms of realism of the final product. Based on PolyJet 3D printing technology, this system offers unequalled surface quality and fineness of detail. This 3D printer incorporates up to 46 colours into a prototype. It can combine a great many materials, making it possible to manufacture parts including rigid, soft-touch, transparent or flexible components, in a single print operation. It combines digital ABS, extremely durable, with other materials of your choice: biocompatible, rubber, temperature-resistant, withstanding the stresses of closures, etc.

Great production flexibility

Benefit from the prototyping, tooling and manufacturing capabilities of the 3D Fortus 900 3D printer! It can be used to create jigs in small volumes, directly from CAD data. Powerful and responsive, it produces your parts at reasonable prices, in 9 technical thermoplastics. It generates parts with dimensions up to 914 x 914 x 610 mm. It is recommended for constructing fastenings, factory tools and final parts, as well as for the most demanding 3D prototyping applications.

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