Connex 3 Objet 500

Connex 3 Objet 500, multi-material and multi-colour manufacturing


Based on PolyJet 3D technology, the Stratasys Connex 3 3D printing system, leader in colour 3D printing, represents a major advance in additive manufacturing. It is the first to enable multi-material 3D printing. Optimising this system, the Connex 3 Object 500 establishes the new industry standard in realism of the final product. This equipment offers the best surface quality and the finest details, with precision down to 20 microns. It is the only one to create brightly-coloured prototypes in a wide range of multi-material components: rigid, flexible, transparent and durable.

The world’s most creative printer

With Connex 3 Objet 500, a unique part or a complete set of parts can combine 14 separate material properties ranging from rigid plastic to rubber materials, opaque or transparent in appearance. This high technology machine offers hundreds of composite materials, mixed directly in the 3D printer, for parts reaching up to 490 x 390 x 200 mm. It ensure the required properties are obtained, even in demanding sectors such as consumer goods. This makes it possible to manufacture prototypes containing rigid and soft-touch components or even stronger over-mouldings, as well as incorporating the characteristics of digital ABS in a single printing operation. Robust and ergonomic handles, strong and adjusted glasses, sports equipment, touch-key control systems, audio headphones… everything can be imagined AND made.

Visually and functionally effective

By combining its materials and 3 base colours, Connex 3 Object 500 provides an astonishing colour palette, making it possible to create prototypes resembling products to be marketed in every detail. It incorporates up to 46 colours in one prototype, from deep black to sunlit yellow and shocking pink, with hundreds of other possible shades. It is possible to choose from ten colour lines, including opaque translucent similar to glass, for vibrant and reproducible colours. Designers, engineers, product managers and customers are provided with prototypes combining inspiration and realism.

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