Who are we?

“To be your guide to reach the peaks of innovation”

Our aim is to support engineers, industrial drawing offices, designers, architects and medical and dental prosthetic practices in their innovations and developments. Experts in 3D printing, we wish to use this technology to enhance your competitiveness.

Creators of links

Passionate about this technology, we think that the greatest advances are only useful if they are shared. This is why we want to use our expertise and equipment to serve as many people as possible: industrial groups, start-ups, SMEs, design engineers, independent creators, etc. We therefore listen to you so we can support you by making 3D parts by encouraging partnership relationships.

A new look at cutting-edge technologies

Specialists in digital technologies, we certainly aren’t ‘geeks’. Our multi-disciplinary skills ensure you have a partner that understands the technical, commercial and marketing needs of your market. By creating Atlantic 3D, we want to make an innovative technology accessible and efficient.

USA export

ATLANTIC 3D notes the demand is potentially coming from the United States compared to the statistics of consultations from its website.

Approximately 50% of the consultations come from the United States.

Indeed the request for additive manufactured  parts is increasing on the US market.

With the fall of the euro vis-a-vis the American dollars the French rates become very interesting for the American companies.

We offering our knowledge to American companies for their production in additive manufacturing for  United States Delivery .

We also offering   to American companies exporting their products to France, to realize the production of spare parts for their French customers to reducing:

 – Shipping costs

 – Delivery time

 – Storage Surfaces

 –  Customs problems (non-existent for the additive manufacturing)

So we currently looking for customers and business partners to  increase our business in North  America.

Feel free  to contact us (Our team speak English) for more information all your requests will be studied.

USA Exportations



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