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The use of selected materials

Making prototypes with selected materials

By combining a cutting edge technique with an impressive range of materials, Atlantic 3D offers all the advantages of professional 3D printing. With transparent, rubber and biocompatible photopolymers, as well as strong and high performance thermoplastics, you can make everything, from functional prototype to small-scale production, for research or industry and for commercialisation. FDM 3D printers (using filament deposition) has the advantage of creating parts from a selected material, with mechanical and thermal properties and stability similar to injected thermoplastic parts.

Technologies and materials meeting all expectations

Depending on the processes needed to produce your parts and the expected result, Atlantic 3D defines the material or materials to be used. Whether it is for rapid and affordable modelling or extremely realistic and functional prototypes, designers, engineers and industrial companies get what they want, at each phase of the design process. Using filament deposition, you benefit from 3D printing with a selected high quality material. At the best cost, parts with selected materials are designed in the shortest possible time for businesses working in very varied sectors. With PolyJet technology, you benefit from high resolution printing with resins simulating a wide variety of materials and colours

High performance, accessible consumables

The most commonly used materials in 3D printing are resins. Very similar to plastics, available in different colours, they offer extremely fine detail and several types of finishes. Plastics, very solid, have the advantage of having varying degrees of flexibility and being particularly suited to digital printing using filament deposition. ABS is characterised by being multi-purpose, impact- and temperature-resistant, and by its smooth surface that can be polished to a shine.

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