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Prototype ABS parts

ABS prototypes as reliable as with production plastics

Composite digital ABS, obtained from UV-hardened photopolymer materials, simulates ABS plastic materials from industrial production. It has the same characteristics of impact and temperature resistance, the same results in terms of robustness and resilience. Manufactured inside 3D machines, it is modelled by 3D printing without requiring finishing. It is durable and particularly suited to parts that demand the best impact absorption.

Very ‘pro’ prototypes

Its qualities mean that the ABS used by Atlantic 3D has everything to become the preferred material for engineers and professional applications. It is recommended for functional applications. It enables very high definition prototyping and 3D printing, with extreme precision, without requiring particular technical skills for making complex parts. It provides clean edges on small parts and ultra-thin devices. It is not affected by water and withstands the majority of acids and bases. These advantages enable printed parts to be used outside: this may be suited to casings for electronics modules. It is available in different colours and antistatic versions. Its use for professional 3D printing usefully replaces injection, thermoforming, machining or extrusion.

For household appliances, multimedia, automobile, aeronautics, the naval sector, etc.

The appearance and properties of digital ABS, combined with its flexibility of use in 3D printing, marks this material out for:

  • Functional prototypes
  • Moulds
  • Interlocking elements for use at high or low temperature
  • Clip fastenings
  • Electrical items, casings, mobile phone casings
  • Household appliance parts
  • Engine parts and covers
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